The Best 14 Person Tent for Large Groups and Family Camping

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best 14 person tent is, then we recommend the Ozark Trail Base Camp 14-Person Cabin Tent as the best one.

Camping with a large group can be stressful. From the amount of gear you have to bring to the food and sleeping arrangements, there’s a lot to consider. Fortunately, we’re here to make one thing easier: finding the best 14 person tent for your group. Read on to find out what tent we recommend, plus what to look for while shopping.

In this article, we’re going to review the following 14 person tents:


Advantages of a 14 Person Tent

They’re huge, first of all, but there are other plusses to buying a 14-person tent. Here are a few of the benefits.

Spacious Interiors

Whether you want to accommodate the whole family, a group of friends, or simply stow gear, a 14-person tent has an enormous amount of floor space. You’ll often find multiple rooms, thanks to zipping or tie room dividers, and even screened-in areas for relaxation or storage.

Multiple Entrances & Windows

With tents that have larger floor plans, you’re bound to find many with numerous doors. Having extra entries is ideal not only for loading and unloading gear but also for restroom trips or early wakeup calls for the cook!

Of course, ventilation is critical with that many bodies inside, so the more windows, the better. Fortunately, most 14-person tents boast multiple windows on all sides, plus additional entrances to make things easier.

More Headroom

Although many smaller tents use the traditional dome shape, larger tents often have to get innovative with their designs. That means higher center heights and a tendency toward cabin and house shapes.

In general, more headroom is often desirable, especially when you’re trying to hang flashlights or stow gear. Plus, there’s more room for air to circulate with higher ceilings, a definite plus when you have many slumbering bodies inside at once.

Gear Storage

While many backpackers and hikers want the smallest footprint possible, if you’re going this big, you might as well take advantage of all the interior storage space. With a 14-person tent, you can house not only a ton of campers, but also their gear, any campsite equipment, and even food.

You can either designate one room of the tent as a storage room or have each occupant take their belongings to their own “rooms.” Either way, there’s plenty of floor space to utilize, especially if you have fewer than 14 people.

How to Choose the Best 14 Person Tent

There’s more to choosing the best 14 person tent than just looking at the occupancy rating. Here’s what to look for when shopping for your new high-occupancy tent.

Waterproofing & Durability

With so many people going in and out, not to mention sleeping inside, you’ll want high-quality materials. Reinforced floors, zippers, windows, and other high-durability measures help to keep your tent in good condition despite heavy use.

While it’s often tough to find this large of a tent with a bathtub style floor, thicker floor and wall material, waterproof coating, and strong seams help with longevity and water-resistance.

However, if you will have many campers along for the trip, you may want to invest in ground coverings like tarps or other footprint materials to prevent damage to the floor of the tent. With so many pairs of feet coming and going, you can’t be too safe when it comes to taking care of the tent.

Doors and Windows

Depending on how many campers you’re housing, you may want multiple doors, such as one for each “room” of the tent. Most tents of this size will have room dividers to cut the tent into at least two, if not more, separate areas.

Ideally, you will want a tent with a separate entrance for each of the areas. Of course, this may not apply if you have kids or pets in one of the rooms, especially if your children will want to venture out while everyone else is sleeping.

Also, a tent this size will often have windows in each room to enhance airflow and offer further protection against condensation buildup.

Assembly Considerations

It could take you a while to pitch a tent that houses 14 people; we’ll admit that! However, many manufacturers utilize lightweight poles, simple assembly systems, and helps like color-coded poles or pole-and-pin systems for easier setup.

You will likely still need some extra hands- setting up this big of a tent isn’t a one-person job- but it shouldn’t take too much longer than setting up multiple smaller tents would.

At the same time, you can also expect a big tent to take up more space when it’s packed away. If weight or size is a consideration, keep that in mind while shopping for a new tent.

In some cases, easy-setup systems can be bulkier and take up more storage space than conventional setup tents. Keep that in mind when comparing size and weight stats for these tents to find the one that best suits your camping needs.

14 Person Tent Reviews

Tahoe Gear Carson 3-Season 14 Person Tent

If you need separate spaces for your campers, the Tahoe Gear Carson 3-Season 14 Person Tent is like a motel for the campground. It features three “rooms” all in a row, with privacy dividers in between each.Every room has access to the outside via a D-style door, plus windows for ventilation and checking out the view. And every room can fit at least one queen size bed with room to spare. If you opt for bunk-type beds, you may even exceed the 14-person capacity with extra space.

The accompanying rain fly creates a screened room at the front of the tent, ensuring that you have coverage while entering and exiting the tent. You can also use the space for storage or entertaining, but it’s nice to have a formal entrance to the row of rooms.

The only drawback is setup can prove complicated since the poles do not use color coordinating materials, and the carrying case displays the printed instructions. However, a bit of a learning curve is part of the experience due to the sheer size of the tent.


  • Seven-foot center height
  • Fly canopy creates a vestibule
  • Solar shield on rain fly reflects sunlight
  • Six large windows
  • Three separate rooms
  • Screen room
  • 1,000mm polyester tent body
  • Fits 3+ queen size air mattresses
  • Three doors
  • 25 by 17 feet floor plan


  • Rain fly and screen vestibule are one piece
  • Instructions are less than intuitive

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Tahoe Gear Glacier 14-Person 3-Season Tent

For durability in a big package, it’s hard to beat the Tahoe Gear Glacier 14-Person 3-Season Tent. The polyester is 1,200mm, so the floor and walls are extremely thick and weather-resistant. There are also plenty of windows for breathability, no matter which of the three rooms you’re in.The only drawbacks are the lack of interior storage. Of course, you’ll have plenty of storage space, but there are no mesh pockets on the walls or even a gear loft for storage. You’ll also need to get creative if you want to hang lanterns or fans.

However, there is a “power slip” for extension cords so you can stay watertight while drawing in power for entertainment or comfort. And with a 20 by 12-foot floor plan, there’s no shortage of floor space for all your stuff.


  • Seven-foot center height
  • 1,200mm polyester tent body
  • Fly canopy extends over the door
  • Solar shield on rain fly reflects sunlight
  • 20 by 12 feet floor plan
  • “Power slip” for extension cord access
  • Windows on all sides
  • Thick floor material
  • Dividable into up to three separate rooms


  • Weighs over 40 pounds
  • No storage pockets inside
  • No lantern hook

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Ozark Trail Base Camp 14-Person Cabin Tent

If you’re looking for large family tents with shared space, the Ozark Trail Base Camp 14-Person Cabin Tent serves as a home away from home. Its plus-sign-shaped layout takes up a 20 by 20-foot plot on your campsite, but it’s worth it!Each of the four rooms of this tent has its own entrance, plus two windows for ventilation and visibility. In the center of the four rooms, a common area can serve as a living room or storage space.

The only drawback to the layout is that if you want to utilize each of the four “rooms,” you would then have to pass through someone’s sleeping area to get outside. The primary entrance is a set of double doors, while each room has its own D-style door to exit through.

However, three rooms plus a common area and spacious entrance might provide plenty of comfort and space for everyone in your camping crew.


  • 20 by 20 feet floor plan
  • Electrical cord port
  • Four “rooms”
  • Center living area/communal space
  • Mesh storage pockets
  • Separate entry per room
  • Windows on all rooms


  • Main entrance means one “room” may not be usable

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DANCHEL 4-Season Family Cotton Bell Tent (20-foot diameter)

It’s not your conventional square-shaped tent, but that’s what makes the DANCHEL 4-Season Family Cotton Bell Tent so desirable for families. The 20-foot diameter model means you have a total of over 300 square feet of living space- plenty of area for an entire family of campers.Plus, if you plan to camp in all four seasons, you can’t beat the durability and weatherproofing of a canvas tent. It also arrives with a waterproof coating, though it may require additional treatments over the long-term.

And although the windows won’t offer much in the way of visibility- they’re at ground-level- there’s plenty of mesh paneling for ventilation throughout the tent. Of course, you can also unzip and roll up the bottom of the tent for breathability in warmer conditions.


  • Cotton fabric with waterproof coating
  • Four-season suitability
  • Stove jacket in the wall for heat and cooking purposes
  • Can roll up the bottom of the tent in warmer weather
  • Four air vents
  • Four zippered windows
  • Steel poles with anti-rust treatment


  • May require additional waterproofing over time
  • Low ceiling height at perimeter

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When it comes to 14-person tents, there’s not a whole lot on the market. Fortunately, we’ve found the best 14 person tent in the Ozark Trail Base Camp 14-Person Cabin Tent. The floorplan is expansive but also innovative, with every room having its own windows and doors while maintaining privacy.

Plus, storage pockets help you stow away everyone’s stuff, and the center room serves as the ideal space for getting together or entertaining. The electrical cord port is also welcome since it means you can bring in all the comforts of a stick-built house. With this inviting of a home-away-from-home, everyone who’s along for the trip will feel cozy and comfortable.

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