The Ultimate Guide to the Best Backpack Beach Chair

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Backpacking and the water are two things I adore. Doing them together is nirvana for me. I’m not alone. Over 2 million Americans indulge in overnight trips with more than 8 million enjoying a hike each year.

The best backpack beach chair is a must-have if you want to relax on the shore and forget about the worries of the day.

In this article, we’re going to review the following folding beach chairs:


What You Need to Know About Beach Chairs

We spend a lot of dough on trail recreation. It may surprise you to know that the amount is over $20 billion which is more than we spend on home entertainment. That’s only $18 billion.

It’s safe to say that we take our gear seriously and are willing to buy quality products at a comparable price.

However, when it comes to comfort, I believe that all bets are off, especially if it makes a trip more comfortable, fun, and hassle-free. So, let’s talk beach chairs.

Things to consider include:

  • Style
  • Weight
  • Materials
  • Construction

I’ll talk about each one in detail and throw in some personal experiences along the way.


There are a few standard flavors you’ll see with the best backpack beach chair. You may find ones that take the phrase literally with it being a portable model that you sling across your shoulder and include the pack.

The other one is a lightweight chair that you can easily haul along with your other gear to your site.

I prefer the latter. I’ve never found one of the first kind that I liked. But then again, I’m pretty picky about my backpacking gear.


Perhaps the factor highest on your list of features is weight, especially if you are hauling it. You get it if you’re a backpacker. Ounces matter. Five turns into 50 when you’re exhausted after trekking miles cross country.

Less is more, as the old saying goes. It applies here too.

You have to balance it with other aspects of your trip. If you’re on a day trip, anything under 10 pounds is probably in the ballpark if you’re only taking a picnic lunch with you.

If you’re doing an overnight tour, you need to lean more toward the conservative side of the spectrum. Under 5 pounds is a more realistic figure, IMHO.


Synthetics are the fabrics of choice. Think nylon, polyester, and other variations on this theme. They dry fast and wick moisture away from your body.

That begins an essential consideration when you consider the amount of calorie burn and heat generation that hiking entails. We’re talking over 400 calories an hour. You’ll see a lot of proprietary names for what the manufacturers use. Reviews are your friends to get the scoop.


The design of these products must strike a balance between weight and durability. Aluminum is a popular choice because it satisfies both of those criteria.

Look for reinforcements at critical points to make up for the tradeoff of strength that steel offers.

One thing you may notice is the construction of the legs. Regular camp chairs have a criss-cross pattern. With backpack models, it’s more simplified to shave off ounces.

These products often have a lower seat height which, again, keeps the weight in check. That’s where the rub comes into play. I don’t mind it, but some people may not like being so close to the ground.

However, there are plenty of higher ones if that’s what you prefer. I made a point to mention this spec in my roundup of picks.

Comfort Features

I’m all about the most relaxing experience possible when I’m outdoors. Exercising outside improves the entire experience for me. However, serious R&R is a priority.

My preferred list includes the creature comforts like beverage holders, incline settings, and backrests. Take the time to check out these features. Sometimes, these are areas where the manufacturers do some cost-cutting, even cutting them out entirely if you can believe that.

Another thing that catches my eye is the use of mesh. I like it when a beach chair has it somewhere in the construction to improve airflow and make me more comfortable. It’s warm when you’re in the sand and surf. Enough said.

I add this last one more for my significant other than me though I’ll admit it has its place. You can often find the best backpack beach chairs in a wide range of fun colors. After all, it’s all about having a great time, isn’t it?

I like them, but the choice isn’t as essential to me. I let the wife choose. As long as there is a beverage holder, I’m happy.

My Picks for the Best Backpack Beach Chair

As I mentioned earlier, my preference is for light, portable chairs. My choices all reflect this bias on my part. All of them add to the festive atmosphere of hanging out at the beach with friends and family. Any serve that purpose, but I’ll admit to a clear favorite.

Copa Beach & Camping Outdoor Chair

The Copa Beach & Camping Outdoor Chair has a lot to offer at first glance. It is a 7.8 pounds with hardwood arms and a steel frame that sits about 10 inches above the ground. Oh, and did I say it’s a reclining beach chair?It includes a backrest which is cushy and comfortable. There is also a cup holder which is okay but not the greatest.

It is spendy for what it is, but the chair is well-made which can justify the higher price tag.


  • It is lightweight and easy to carry around the beach.
  • The construction is top-notch.
  • It’s quite comfortable.
  • It’s a good-looking chair.
  • It locks firmly into place in the recline settings.


  • It doesn’t recline all the way which is a bummer.

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FBSPORT Lightweight Folding Camping Backpack Chair

The FBSPORT Lightweight Folding Camping Backpack Chair takes the product name seriously at a mere 2.2 pounds. It sits 16 inches above the ground which makes it more like for camp instead of the beach.Its form differs from what you may expect in a chair. For one, there are no armrests and, thus, no beverage holders. However, it is comfortable, especially with the addition of the mesh. The fabric is soft too.

You’ll need to assemble this one which may put it in the dealbreaker category for some. I thought it was simple and not a hassle.


  • It is uber-lightweight.
  • It includes a carrying bag.
  • It is higher than comparable models.
  • The storage pocket on the side is useful.
  • The backrest goes the full length of the top.


  • It doesn’t have armrests.

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Erago Portable Camping Chair

The Erago Portable Camping Chair is another example of a real beach chair backpack model. This one weighs in at 2 pounds. Don’t let that fact fool you. It has a weight capacity of 330 pounds.It also has an unconventional form. However, the fabric is jacquard with mesh panels, so you’ll stay plenty cool in this chair. Like the previous product, you’ll have to put it together. It sits higher above the ground too.

The frame is sturdy and well-designed. I thought it resembled a lot of the fittings you might see in a tent. I can’t say I’m a fan of all the colors, but it’s still a decent buy for the money.


  • It strikes an excellent balance between weight and strength.
  • It keeps you cool and comfortable.
  • Its aluminum frame is lightweight yet robust.
  • It sits higher off the ground.
  • It includes a carrying bag for easy transport.


  • It doesn’t have armrests or a backrest.

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Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler Chair

The Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler Chair is just plain sick from the color choices to the cup holder to the, wait for it, cooler on the back. Think of your craziest Hawaiian shirt, and you have the vibe of this product.There are a lot of extra features that are worth noting including the towel bar, adjustable pillow, and five reclining positions including that desirable full one. Even the carrying straps are padded.

It’s lightweight too at 7 pounds. I loved the attention to detail that is evident throughout its construction. This chair screams, “Take me to the beach—now!”


  • It reclines fully.
  • I can’t say enough about the cooler addition.
  • The cup holder and pocket are well-made.
  • The selection of colors is rad.
  • It’s Tommy Bahama. Enough said.


  • I wish that the fabric had a UV coating so that it wouldn’t fade in the sun.

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Rio Beach Big Boy Backpack Chair

The Rio Beach Big Boy Backpack Chair has a similar beachy feel like the previous product. It has a larger footprint with a higher positive off the ground. The frame is aluminum with a 300-pound weight capacity.It has four reclining positions, but, alas, not flat. The armrests are waterproof while the frame is rust-resistant. It is a low rider at 13 inches above the ground. It has a sporty look to it that is eye-catching too.

Overall, it is a decent chair with many of the features that you’d expect including a storage pouch on the back. The cup holder isn’t the best but serves the purpose.


  • It’s comfortable.
  • I like the color choices.
  • The frame is robust and sturdy.
  • The backrest is both adjustable and removable.
  • It stands up to the elements well.


  • It’s a bit heavier at 9.5 pounds.

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Final Thoughts

I have to admit that all this talk of the beach put me in the mood for some quality time by the water. In all fairness, any of these products would work for me. However, one of them stood out from the pack.

The Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler Chair is my fav of the bunch which you probably gathered from my enthusiastic description.

The colors first grabbed my attention seeing as we’re talking about the best backpack beach chair. I liked the one with the shark the most.

It included a lot of features I’d want in a product of this type including the cooler and beverage holder. Both, by the way, are well done. The overall construction is solid.

The size is right, and the fact that it reclines fully were other points in its favor. This chair ticked off all the boxes for me—and then some. I have to admit that it surprised me.

Getting the ideal beach chair begins with deciding which features stand out for you and letting that be your guide. For me, I wanted to capture the essence of going to the water with a product that would put me in the mood for fun. I’m glad to say that I found it. I hope you will too.

Since the age of 10, Mark has enjoyed camping in the great outdoors. Although he loves the peace and quiet of the outdoors, he also likes his creature comforts. Mark’s mission is to make camping a fun and comfortable experience for all.