The Best RV Surge Protector To Prevent Damage To Your RV

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If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best rv surge protector is, then we recommend the Progressive Industries EMS-PT30X RV Surge Protector as the best one.

When you are out on the road, the last thing you want to deal with is any form of mechanical or electrical problem. There is a lot that can go wrong, and unless you have a ton of technical know-how, you may find yourself stranded or without power.

A surge protector keeps all of your electrical equipment inside the rig safe in the event of a severe power surge or improper wiring. Unless you are a master electrician, we highly recommend keeping a surge protector with your RV.

We’re going to include the following surge protector reviews:


RV Surge Protector Buying Guide

This product is something that is more difficult to understand than a lot of the things you buy for your RV. There is some technical jargon that you wouldn’t know unless you have experience dealing with electrical, but it’s not as complicated as it seems.


Amps are the amount of electricity that is currently available in an electrical current. This means that every device has a certain amount of power it needs to function correctly. If the item does not have that right amount of electricity, then it may fail or have a hard time performing its job.

This is one of the most important things to consider and be sure to read up on the requirements of your RV and its components. Having the wrong surge protector or one that is not strong enough could put you at risk for overheating and ultimately fire.

Joules Protection

This refers to the amount of protection you get in the event of a surge. Joules is the unit of measurement for electricity so it is difficult to understand precisely how much protection you need because you don’t know what type of surge you may get hit with.

Most units that you buy will describe the protection, and what you have protection from anyway, so you do not have to worry too much about joules, it’s just right to be informed.


You want a surge protector that is easy to read and offers nice bright lights that describe the situation well. If the protector is hard to understand you may not realize there is an issue when there is.

A lot of the time the flashing lights are not well described as to what each light means, and that can be even worse than not picking up a reading at all. You might read it and get confused thinking there is a problem where there isn’t.

Most of the high-quality surge protectors describe what each light means right next to it, that is what you want to get if you can.


How easy is the surge protector to install? It’s a simple device, but it is not something that you want to play around with. You want everything to be straightforward and easy to understand so you can protect yourself and your family from any issues.

It should come with an instruction manual for how to install it and what everything means. Some are more complicated, but most plugs in and you’re good to go.

Power Management

This is not something you get with every surge protector, but some of the more expensive ones offer a total power management system. This is something to consider because you get a lot more for your money with these. Instead of just being notified of abnormal conditions in your RV, the power management system shuts everything off for you when there is an issue.

So if there is a power surge, the device will detect that and kill power to the entire RV. Once the power is off the protector will go on a timer, and it will not turn the power back on until everything has settled.

This offers you a lot of protection and I’m sure you have a lot of money poured into your RV. (as everyone does) Why not get the best protection you can? It’s much better than having to deal with electrical failures and cooked wires.

Progressive Industries EMS-PT30X RV Surge Protector

These protectors come in either 30 or 50 amps (ems-pt50x), and they come with a lifetime warranty. Progressive Industries is a highly reputable brand and well recommended among the RVing community.This surge protector reacts incredibly fast once it reads a power surge condition and it immediately shuts off all power to your rig after six seconds if it reads an abnormal voltage situation. It will remain that way until everything goes back to normal and it will restart power to the RV.

This company has some of the best reacting surge protectors money can buy, and that is why they hold such a strong reputation.

Additionally, these surge protectors also have a wiring fault detector that will cut power as well and then start a timer before restoring power. The timer allows the air conditioner compressor to cool down before firing back up.


  • Protection from all forms of power issues
  • Requires no installation
  • A built-in lock prevents theft
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Easy to use


  • Can only be installed vertically

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Progressive Industries SSP-XL Surge Protector with Cover

This one functions similar to the previous brand, but we wanted to include this one as well because it is more affordable and is almost equal in functionality.The company that makes these is highly focused on electrical protection technology and has an excellent reputation.

This surge protector protects against all the urgent situations like lightning strikes, power surges, and improper wiring.

The main difference between this surge protector and the previous is that this is not an electrical management box, so it does not notify you if there is low voltage and it does not automatically disconnect if it detects open ground or neutral polarity.


  • Effective at protecting your rig against surges
  • Protection from lightning strikes
  • Notifies you when there is an open line
  • Comes in 30 or 50 amps
  • Reputable brand


  • Does not shut off power automatically when a fault is detected

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TRC Surge Guard 44260 Portable Surge Protector

This surge protector is affordable and functions similar to the previous two. The primary purpose of it is to notify you via flashing lights that there is some inconsistency in the electrical current. This causes damage to the electrical of your rig.This surge protector does not protect you against small variations and is more intended for substantial and significant issues that would cause a lot of damage to your RV.

The protector has a max spike current of 6500 amps so if there is an issue it notices immediately and will notify you via flashing lights.

It does come with a lock too so once you install it you do not have to worry about it getting stolen from your RV.

The only primary issue we saw with this surge protector is that the lights are not very bright and there is no other form of notification so if there is a minor issue that could become a problem you would not have a chance to kill the power before a surge.


  • Offers protection against major issues
  • Identifies electrical problems immediately
  • Weather resistant
  • Features a lock


  • Lights and notification are not as prominent as others

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Camco 55313 50M/50F Amp 125/250V Circuit Analyzer

This is a much simpler surge protector in the way that it operates because it merely notifies you of issues with the electrical components in your RV. It can inform you of improper wiring, electrical faults, and potential surge issues.It offers up to 4,200 joules surge protection, so it kicks everything off almost instantly.

The device itself is highly waterproof and is easy to plug and unplug. One of the great features of this surge protector is the light up display. You can quickly read the device to tell what you are dealing with and everything is described well so if you are unsure of what to do the display breaks it down for you.


  • Nice display
  • Easy to understand the setup
  • Protect your RV from surges
  • Weatherproof
  • Affordable


  • More substantial and clunky looking than the competitors

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Southwire Surge Guard 34930

This is another electrical management system that is intended for complete and total protection against any electrical issues in your RV.This device comes in a 30 amp surge protector or a 50 amp surge protector variation, and does a lot more than notify you of spikes or abnormal readings – if the surge protector picks up something that is not normal, it will shut off power to the entire RV and set itself on a timer to protect any compressors.

Ones the time is almost up it will take another reading, if everything is right it will return power to the RV. This is the ultimate form of protection against electrical surges.

The device itself is kind of bulky, and it also does not come with any theft prevention method. If you are spending money on something like this, you want to ensure your protection. We recommend looking into a surge protector lock that will fit over it.


  • Complete and total protection against surges
  • Simple to install
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Easy to understand


  • Does not offer any theft prevention

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This was a tough one because each of these surge protectors offers so much, but they are also so different in a lot of ways. Realistically, you have a massive investment in your RV, and you need protection.

Electrical failure is a huge issue, and that could put you off the road for good if you run into any serious problems. That is why we recommend getting the Progressive Industries EMS-PT30X RV Surge Protector because it offers you the most for the money.

You get everything you need to have peace of mind while traveling and you do not have to think twice about surges or any other electrical problems.

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