What Is The Best RV Water Pump: Buyer’s Guide And Reviews

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If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best RV water pump is, then we recommend the Remco Aquajet as the best one.

You turn on the faucet at your kitchen sink, and water magically starts flowing out. There must be some kind of water genie beneath the sink blowing into the pipes, right?

Or maybe, you have a 12 volt water pump that pumps the water from your tank throughout the rig. That sounds more likely to be true.

If you have a water pump or need one, it’s essential to understand them and what makes one better compared to the other. It’s also good to know how your fresh water system operates, so you look like the expert on the campsite when people see you getting your hands dirty.

Let’s expand your knowledge a little bit!

In this article, we’re going to review the following water pumps:


Important Things To Consider When Buying An RV Water Pump

Water pumps are not something everyone understands and has a ton of knowledge on so it’s important that we help you know what to look for and what to pay attention to when making a buying decision. This step is much more important than picking curtains or throw pillows.

Manner Of Generating Water Flow

This factor is the single most important thing to pay attention to when you are deciding what type of pump to get. There are constant flow pumps, and there are ones with variable flow.

Constant flow means that the pump is either on or off, so it continually runs unless you shut it off. This flow uses more power and lowers the quality of the water flow. You find that the water tends to spit out and change in pressure frequently. It also requires you to shut it off when you are not using it continually, so it takes longer to build up pressure when you need it.

Variable flow pumps have a shut-off valve that allows you to get pressurized water whenever you need it just like you would at home. It uses less power, runs quietly, and provides for more smooth water flow. These are better, but they come at a price.


The motor on your pump is also important, and it’s crucial to look at whether or not this pump can fit your rig. Sometimes you have to make a complete adjustment to the electrical panel because the pump requires a 15-amp fuse and you only have 12. Don’t get stuck with costly mistakes

Gallons Per Minute

The amount of water output you need depends on how many people you have in the RV. If you are by yourself or maybe with one other person, you could easily get by on 2.5 gallons per minute. That amount of water would allow one person to take a shower at a time or one person to run a sink.

If you have a family of four, or more living in the RV, you need more like four or five gallons per minute, so you can have the shower going at the same time as the sink.


Most pumps come with either a four or five chamber design and this affects the amount of noise that they put out. The four chambers are louder than the five so if possible, go for the five.

Realistically, most pumps nowadays do not put off that much noise anyway, but it’s still something to look at.

Also, variable speed pumps make less noise as well because they do not continuously run. Since they shut off when they are not in use; you do not have to worry about noise when there is no water running.

Energy Requirements

Every pump is slightly different on the amount of energy it requires to put out the maximum pressure. As you get higher up in gallons per minute, the overall energy draw becomes more, and variable speed pumps use less power because they do not require a constant flow. It’s just best to be informed so you can save money on your energy bills.

Shurflo 4008-101-E65 Water Pump

This highly affordable water pump should meet the needs of most campers. With a 3.0 gallons per minute output, it puts out enough water to allow for one area of the rig to get full pressure at all times. You might want to go up a step if you need more than one faucet running at the same time.This pump draws 4.5 amps which means that you could use this water pump as a replacement for just about any RV without having to adjust the power source at all.

The Shurflo 4008 operates using a constant speed design. All that means is the pump is either on or off, there is no standby mode to allow the lines to purge or anything like that. What happens as a result is something we call cycling, so you have to be constantly turning the pump on and off unless you want to leave it running full force all the time.

There are ways around that, and the pump does come with adjustable settings, but unless you know what you are doing, we do not recommend touching anything.

Excessive pressure can result in busted lines, but the pump does have a factory shut off set at 55 PSI.


  • 3.0 gallons per minute flow rate
  • 55 PSI shut off valve
  • Easily replaces any other pump
  • Runs quietly
  • Includes a check valve


  • Constant Speed which requires turning it on and off

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Pentair Shurflo 4048

This pump is similar to the previous one we talked about, but the main difference here is the output. If you have a larger family and need to have water running to more than one area at a time, then this pump is the way to go.The Shurflo 4048 puts out 4.0 gallons a minute, and it has a 33% higher flow rate than the 4008. This means that you get more water per minute and the output of water is more concentrated and pressurized. This is nice for washing dishes and taking a hot shower.

As a result, if you are receiving higher pressure and more water, you need more power. This water pump may require you to rewire the rig to handle this amount of energy. The Shurflo 4048 draws ten amps, so it requires a circuit with a 15 amp fuse. If you are not set up for that, you will have to upgrade it.


  • 4.0 gallons per minute
  • 55 PSI shut off
  • Draws 10 amps
  • Enough pressure to use multiple faucets


  • Constant speed requires turning it off and on
  • Could require upgrading your power circuit

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Remco Aquajet

We’re getting into the cream of the crop now. The Remco Aquajet is the closest thing you can find to twisting a knob in your home kitchen sink. The water flows smooth and quietly just like it would at home with this water pump.With the Remco water pump, you do not have to worry about cycling because it’s a variable speed pump that allows you to have a consistent flow without any pulsing.

The way this works in contrary to the previous two is, once the pump detects a decrease in pressure, it kicks on allowing additional pressure to flow through. This is what happens when you open up the valve. (turn on the water) It also allows you to have variable pressure as you would in your home. If you only have the water on a little, you will get a little.

This pump puts out 5.3 gallons per minute and requires ten amps so you will most likely have to adjust your power circuit.


  • 5.3 gallons per minute flow
  • Delivers smooth and consistent pressure
  • Allows for variable water flow
  • Can use more than one faucet at a time
  • Runs quietly
  • Made in the USA


  • Requires you to upgrade your power circuit

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Flojet 03526-144A Automatic Water System Pump

This automatic water pump runs similar to the previous Aquajet because it is a smooth flow pump. It provides a steady amount of water pressure without requiring an accumulator because of something called the pulsation eliminator.This works to prevent the annoying pulsing you get with a lot of water pumps. Instead of the water spitting out of the faucet, you get a nice flow every time.

This pump is much smaller than most that we reviewed, but it is simple to set up and runs quietly. It only puts out 2.9 gallons per minute and has a 50 PSI shut off.


  • Automatic flow
  • No pulsing
  • Smooth water pressure
  • Runs quietly
  • Easy to install


  • Only puts out 2.9 gallons per minute

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Seaflo Self Priming Water Pump

This is a self-priming pump which is great because it can run completely dry without getting damaged. It puts out 2.8 gallons per minute and has a 45 PSI shut off. The pump itself runs quietly and has a nice smooth flow.The setup on this pump is somewhat confusing and more complicated than most so if you are not knowledgeable on this type of thing we wouldn’t recommend getting this pump. It’s not a single one-piece setup like most.


  • Smooth water flow
  • Consistent pressure
  • Can run completely dry
  • 45 PSI shut off
  • Runs quietly


  • Complicated setup

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There is a lot of information here, so we commend you on sticking around until the end. At this point, we should tell you which pump we think is the best for you and will get you the most for your money.

There is nothing more annoying than having continually pulsing water that spits out at you and makes you feel nervous everything you turn the knob.

Because of that reason we choose the Remco Aquajet as the winner of this roundup. If you want to feel some of the comforts of home while you are out on the open road, this is a great place to invest your money.

You’ll be thanking us next time you’re standing in the shower under nice pressurized water flow.

Since the age of 10, Mark has enjoyed camping in the great outdoors. Although he loves the peace and quiet of the outdoors, he also likes his creature comforts. Mark’s mission is to make camping a fun and comfortable experience for all.