The Best 14 Person Tent for Large Groups and Family Camping

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Camping with a large group of people requires all the right equipment. And when it comes to your tent, you want something that can safely fit everyone and their gear.

It can’t skip out on any important features such as weatherproofing, ventilation, and durability.

If you enjoy group camping and want everyone to have enough space, then 14 person tents are your best choice.

Although they’re not as common as eight or ten-person tents, there are still enough of these tents on the market to give you plenty to choose from. And each one comes with its own set of benefits.

After carefully researching all of them, we’ve chosen the Ozark Trail Base Camp 14 Person Cabin Tent as our top pick.

Learn more about our top pick – and four other amazing tents – in our detailed list below. And keep reading afterwards to get some helpful tips for buying your own 14 person tent.

Our Selections for the Best 14 Person Tents

Best 15 Person Tents Reviewed

Though it’s not often you’ll camp with this many people in one group, 14 person tents come in handy for many reasons.

For one, you don’t take up as much camping space by pitching a bunch of smaller tents. They also have separate rooms and extra storage compartments for privacy and convenience.

And additional features — such as a screen room for relaxation — don’t hurt either.

Best Overall

1. Ozark Trail Base Camp 14 Person Cabin Tent


  • Weight: 49.74 lbs.
  • Floor Dimensions: 20’ x 20’
  • Official Capacity: 14 Person
  • Peak Height: 6’6”
  • Best For: Large families, group hiking trips, spring to autumn camping

8.9out of 10

Ease of Use9

The Ozark Trail Base Camp Cabin Tent has everything you’ll need for a successful group camping trip. It offers you four individual rooms plus a central living space for storage or relaxation.

The tent itself is made from a breathable yet weatherproof polyester fabric, along with mesh for the windows, doors, and ceiling.

Both the main structure and waterproof rain fly are tape seamed for your protection. It uses 22 steel and fiberglass poles to hold it up, while metal pegs and guy lines keep it in place.

Each room provides you and your group with 43.5 square feet of space, along with easy access thanks to their separate doors.

There are a dozen large windows, as well as a mesh roof that gives you an excellent view of the night sky. You could even tie back all the built-in room dividers to create one large space.

The entire tent can fit up to 14 sleeping bags or 5 queen sized air mattresses. You’ll find five storage pouches inside, two gear hammocks, and a few cup holders for organization.

There’s even a port for an electrical outlet so you can power everything from your phone charger to an electric lantern.

We do suggest replacing the tent stakes and fiberglass poles after a while, as they’re quite flimsy. Still, any large group would be happy to bring this 14 person tent with them on any warm weather camping trip.


  • Very spacious
  • Easy to set up
  • Lots of ventilation
  • Provides plenty of privacy
  • Individual room options


  • No floor vents
  • Tent stakes are flimsy

Best Spacious Tent

2. Tahoe Gear Carson 3-Season 14 Person Large Family Cabin Tent


  • Weight: 357 lbs.
  • Floor Dimensions: 25’ x 17’6”
  • Official Capacity: 14 Person
  • Peak Height: 7’10”
  • Best For: Large groups, summer camping, extended trips

8.5out of 10

Ease of Use7.5

All 14 person tents should be large enough to accommodate their advertised capacity. But even compared to most others, Tahoe Gear’s Carson 3-Season 14 Person Cabin is a particularly huge camping tent.

It even comes in a convenient carry bag with wheels to make it easier to transport.

The complete 25 x 17.5 space provides three separate sleeping areas, all with a decent amount of floor space. And even if there aren’t 14 people in your party, there’s plenty of extra room for all your camping gear.

Steel and fiberglass poles frame the polyester and mesh tent, which is then covered by a tape-seamed rain fly for weather protection.

There’s even a solar shield included to block out the sun’s rays. And the polyethylene floors keep water from seeping through and giving you a nasty surprise during rain storms. 

One of its best features is the large mesh screen room at the front. It forms a canopy to give you the perfect area for everyone to enjoy the outdoors without having to worry about mosquitos. 

With everything this tent has going for it, one of the few downsides is that it’s tricky to put together. In fact, many reviewers even suggest practicing set-up in another location before your actual camping trip. 


  • Lots of floor space
  • Plenty of extra head room
  • Convenient rolling tent bag
  • Provides great ventilation
  • Front screen room included


  • Heavy
  • Can be hard to set up

Best Fast-Pitch Tent

3. Fortunershop Family Cabin 14 Person Tent


  • Weight: 53.7 lbs.
  • Floor Dimensions: 20’ x 20’
  • Official Capacity: 14 Person
  • Peak Height: 6’6”
  • Best For: Family camping, warm weather camping, large camping groups, extended trips

8.6out of 10

Ease of Use9

Thanks to its straightforward design and color-coordinated poles, you and a friend can set Fortunershop’s Family Cabin Tent in as little as 20 minutes. And with less stress and frustration, you can get right to enjoying the great outdoors in no time. 

This tent has four separate bedrooms, each one with their own windows and doors for greater convenience.

There’s even a shared center space to either sit and relax in or store extra equipment. And with all this extra floor space, you’ll be glad you have all that storage for 14 people.

The tent itself is a waterproof polyester with 12 windows, four doors, and a large roof made entirely of mesh. Fiberglass and steel poles hold everything up, while a rain fly and taped seam edges block out the elements.

Along with the extra space in the middle you’ll also find several inside pockets to help you access your belongings while resting.

There’s also an electrical port available so you can keep your necessities charged. And once it’s clear outside, you can remove the rain fly to enjoy some stargazing before bed.

Considering how breathable it is, we say it’s the perfect multi room tent for summer camping trips. Be careful when setting it up, however, as both the fabric and fiberglass poles could get damaged. 


  • Easy to set up
  • Provides lots of ventilation
  • Offers four separate rooms
  • Separate entrances for each room
  • Lot of convenient storage


  • Lacks overall durability
  • Only works during the summer

Best Value Tent

4. Ozark Trail 14 Person Spring Lodge Cabin Camping Tent


  • Weight: 44.95 lbs.
  • Floor Dimensions: 16.5’ x 13’
  • Official Capacity: 14 Person
  • Peak Height: 7’
  • Best For: Family camping, spring to autumn camping, group hiking trips

8.6out of 10

Ease of Use8.5

All large tents naturally cost more due to their construction and extra materials. But if you’re looking for a 14 person tent that’s, then consider the Ozark Trail Spring Lodge Cabin Tent.

An alloy steel frame holds up the polyester and mesh tent to create a freestanding structure that you can move over if need be. The rain fly keeps the inside space dry while still permitting plenty of airflow thanks to the mesh ceiling.

Technically, this tent has one standard room plus a screened in porch located outside the main door. But you can easily convert this area into a second bedroom if you have more than eight people in your group.

All mesh windows and doors have zip up panels for extra privacy and light blocking.

One thing that makes this tent unique is that it includes two closets to store your gear away safely. They have removable mesh cabinets inside to keep everyone’s belongings organized.

You’ll also find various mesh pockets in the tent, along with a hanging media sleeve for your tablet and a port for an electrical cord. 

Although its design is perfect for three season camping, the tent’s shape makes it unfit for severe storms. Therefore, we suggest checking the weather report for the upcoming week before taking it with you.


  • Lower-than-average price
  • Closets for extra storage space
  • Optional window screens
  • Easy enough for beginners
  • Great for warm weather


  • Smaller space
  • Materials could be stronger

Best Premium Tent

5. White Duck Alpha Canvas Wall Tent


  • Weight: 357 lbs.
  • Floor Dimensions: 16’ x 20’
  • Official Capacity: 14 Person
  • Peak Height: 10’
  • Best For: Four-season camping, family camping, glamping, extended camping trips

8.1out of 10

Ease of Use7

White Duck excels at making tents for when you want something a little more comfortable. And though their Alpha model comes in many different sizes, the 16’ x 20’ version is the perfect size for 14 sleeping bags.

Like all of White Duck’s tents, the Alpha is made with 100 percent army duck cotton canvas for breathability and weather resistance. This material is woven so tightly that it blocks out rain and snow, yet it still provides lots of airflow. 

Instead of standard fiberglass, the tent uses heavy duty aluminum tent poles to hold itself up. And shock-absorbing bungee cords further hold everything in place during severe storms. And all seams are double-stitched with reinforced corners for added durability.

The three-layer storm windows are made with bug mesh and have roll-down panels for light control. There’s even a fire-repellant option for added safety during the cold weather months.

And as an added bonus, it also includes a built-in stove jack that lets you hook up a camping stove and safely cook hot meals.

One of the few downsides is that it doesn’t include separate rooms, meaning there’s little to no privacy for everyone.

While this could be fine for families and smaller groups, it might be a problem if you’re either trying to get ready. Regardless, it’s still a great tent for four season camping or long-term trips.


  • Weather-resistant
  • Highly durable
  • Plenty of headroom
  • Great for all-season camping
  • Stove jack included


  • Expensive
  • Heavy
  • No privacy

camping group

Picking the Best 14 Person Tent for Your Group

Now that you have a few options to choose from, you need to know what to look for when purchasing your own 14 person tent.

It can be challenging for newcomers, but we’ve made it easier by creating our very own comprehensive list below.

Here are the most important features to keep in mind when buying a tent for your group camping trip.

Weather Protection and Durability

Even a large tent still has to safeguard its campers from rain, wind, and direct sunlight. And that all comes down to its design and materials.

You want a tent that’s made with polyester, which is both breathable and more tear-resistant than nylon. It should also have enough mesh windows — as well as some floor vents — to bring in plenty of cool air and prevent condensation build-up.

Many camping tents use fiberglass poles to hold them up, especially if they’re meant to be budget friendly. Although this material is convenient and lightweight, it’s also very fragile and can bend easily in heavy storms.

That’s why we recommend switching them out with either aluminum or steel poles for greater durability and wind resistance.

Since most camping tents have a mesh roof, they also come with a protective rain fly to keep the inside dry when still allowing ventilation. Then, once the weather clears up, you can remove it for better airflow and even a bit of stargazing at night.

Most of the products on this list are three-season tents, meaning they work best from spring to autumn but aren’t protective enough for winter. White Duck’s Alpha Canvas tent is the only exception here, thanks to its thick canvas material.

Multiple Rooms

Even if you don’t go camping with all those extra people, a 14 person tent is still a great space-saving option for when everyone wants their own room.

This means they can keep their gear all in one place, get enough sleep, and get ready without having to wake everyone else up.

This is one of many reasons why we made the Ozark Trail Base Camp our top choice. This tent boasts four individual rooms and each one has their own door for easier access.

You can also open up all the room dividers to create one big space or convert the central room into an extra sleeping area.

When checking the product description, make sure the tent has enough rooms or room dividers to give everyone the privacy they need. And check the size of each space that it provides to make sure it can fit everyone.

Two to three people sharing the same room is just part of the camping experience, and having enough room makes it more comfortable.

Also, remember that not all big tents give you the option of creating separate spaces. White Duck’s Alpha tent is one example, along with many other canvas tents that come in different sizes.

So if you decide on this one — or a similar tent — then make sure that everyone in your group is completely comfortable sharing the same large space for a few days.

Storage Space for Camping Gear

With extra space comes extra storage for all everyone’s equipment. Most tents have a gear loft and storage pockets to keep your belongings safe. You can even use the common space for the front screen room to keep everything out of the elements.

Different tents handle storage in different ways, meaning that they won’t all offer the same features. Some have less storage pockets and a smaller vestibule, while others go further and offer everything from a lantern ring to cupholders. It all depends on what you plan to bring with you.

The Spring Lodge Cabin by Ozark Trail takes storage one step further by having two built-in closets to safely store all your equipment.

It’s great for holding everything from backpacks and hiking poles to snacks and flashlights. And the removable mesh cabinets, which you tie to the inside, make organization even easier.

Floor and Height Dimensions

As you can see, camping tents with the same capacity aren’t always the same size. Some contain less gear storage, or were originally designed to hold less people.

The Ozark Trail Base Camp has more room than the brand’s Spring Lodge Cabin, and both have less head room than the Tahoe Gear Carson.

This is why having separate rooms is so beneficial — you can section different parts of the tent to give everyone their own space and still have some extra room on hand.

Also, the amount of headroom your tent provides is more important than you think. It can either let different people of different heights fit in comfortably, or play a big role in keeping the tent as warm as possible.

Before you decide on a tent, always check the dimensions and think about the size of your group, everyone’s height, and how much equipment they’re bringing. Also, have everyone go over their camping lists to decide if there’s anything they won’t need.

You’ll also need to find a large enough camping spot for such a large tent, and some areas just can’t accommodate a tent that’s this size. So don’t forget to keep your chosen destination in mind as well when making a purchase.

Ease of Set-Up

Let’s face it — a 14 person camping tent is always going to take a lot longer to pitch than a two or three person tent.

Yet no matter how big your tent is, it still shouldn’t be impossible to set up once you’ve chosen a camping spot.

While some 14 person tents can take well over an hour to pitch, some are ready in as little as 20 minutes. A tent with a simple design and easy-to-use features, like the Base Camp or Spring Lodge Cabin from Ozark Trail, would work best.

Look for a tent with color-coordinated poles and straps, and get a tool kit with all the necessary equipment such as tie-downs, stakes, and even a mallet.

Be sure to have extras on hand so you’re not left scrambling during an emergency or accident.

And, of course, remember to get at least one other person to help you so everything can run a lot smoother. The faster you set up all your necessary equipment, the sooner you can all start to enjoy the great outdoors.

Our Verdict

All-in-all, the Ozark Trail Base Camp is our choice for the best 14 person tent on the market.

Its four rooms, storage space, weatherproofing features, and not-too-outrageous price tag make it an incredible tent for big camping groups.

These larger tents have all of the same qualities that you’d find in smaller ones, with a few notable upsides. They have more room, let you bring extra gear, and can make for a unique and fun bonding experience while you’re all out relaxing.

Now that you know what to look for, you’re ready to buy your own multi-person tent. Let’s enjoy group camping the right way this year!

Since the age of 10, Mark has enjoyed camping in the great outdoors. Although he loves the peace and quiet of the outdoors, he also likes his creature comforts. Mark’s mission is to make camping a fun and comfortable experience for all.