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When hot weather sets in, finding the perfect summer camping tent becomes crucial.

Thankfully, narrowing down your needs is a breeze — hot weather tents come in many sizes, varieties, season ratings, and more, so you’re sure to find something to your tastes. 

Is there a universal, best tent for hot weather that meets your specific needs? Luckily, you will find some of the best hot weather tents across many verticals in this round-up product review. 

Overall, our top pick is the Featherstone Backpacking Tent.

This lightweight, three-season outdoor camping tent has the breathability, durability, and protection that is essential for any summer camping trip. This tent also sleeps two, and its superior ventilation and easy set-up truly stand out. 

Since hot weather camping requires many optimizations in all tent varieties, we have several more tents for summer camping on this list. Here are seven of the best tents for hot weather.

Quality Hot Weather Camping Tents: Our Top Picks

7 Best Tents for Hot Weather Reviewed

Great camping tents for use in hot weather exist in many variations. But ultimately the material, ventilation details, and even the color of the tent align with keeping cool in the heat. 

So, no matter if you prefer a simple tent as a backpacker or a more durable canvas tent, one of these seven options should meet your needs. 

Best Overall

Featherstone Backpacking Tent


  • Interior Capacity: 2-Person
  • Weight: 5lbs, 4 oz.
  • Floor Dimensions: 84 x 51 inches
  • Peak Height: 43 inches
  • Shape: Dome

9.4out of 10

Ease of Use10
Weather Protection9

Featherstone is a company that specializes in affordable and durable camping gear that maintains its quality. 

This 2-person, three-season backpacking tent reflects that company model with its sublime quality, perfect dynamics for hot weather, and great value for money. 

The material is micro-mesh, with a mesh roof and a white and orange color scheme for maximum breathability and UV reflection. The taped seams of this great tent are perfect for blocking moisture, and downright impenetrable if you add in the rainfly. 

Plus, the bathtub-style floor provides a nice layer of elevation to keep your body off of the ground. 

When it comes to hot weather, you need a no-fuss, highly breathable summer tent ― and this is one of the best options out there in terms of ease-of-use. 


  • The seam-taped construction of this tent provides superior protection against rain and moisture — a perfect feature for rainy environments
  • Designed with micro-mesh tent fabric that promotes maximum breathability for increased comfort during warm weather nights
  • Constructed with two doors and a couple of vestibule spaces that can accommodate gear or needed extra space
  • Comes with sturdy aluminum poles that are easy to assemble and pack away if you prefer to disassemble your tent during the day
  • Utilizes a 20D ripstop sil-nylon rainfly that is highly resistant to tears thanks to the incredible elasticity of the fabric


  • The clips that hold the tent body to the poles are not the best quality, so be mindful of this if in an area with strong winds
  • The zipper quality could be better, but this is manageable if you refrain from pulling it too hard

Best for Family Camping

Core 6-Person Instant Lighted Cabin Tent


  • Interior Capacity: 6, 9, or 10-person models available
  • Center Height: 78 inches
  • Floor Dimensions: 14 x 9 ft
  • Shape: Cabin
  • Installation Type: Wall Mount

9out of 10

Ease of Use9
Tent Pole Quality9
Room Divider Quality10

More often than not summer camping is a family event, so having a sturdy and spacious family tent is crucial. This six-person, three-season tent by Core comes with lots of space to promote adequate airflow. 

Core tents are known for their innovation, and the LED-lighting mechanism of this model is just that as it allows you to switch between three brightness levels. There are two switches accessible from the interior and exterior of the tent, so you’ll have an easy time with this fun feature. 

On top of that, the polyester material wall mount structure promotes breathability by providing light fabric and room to stretch out.

At thirty-six pounds, this tent is a bit heavy, but the space, lighting, and fabric make it perfect for family camping on hot days. 


  • Comes with LED-lighting built into the tent with high, low, and night brightness settings — perfect for families needing a night light
  • The pre-attached fiberglass poles make set up and disassembly a breeze when you are ready to change camping sites
  • The transparent mesh ceiling provides a perfect opportunity for stargazing
  • Its 14 ft x 9 ft floor plan provides ample amounts of space for small families to move around and stretch out during sleep
  • The superior venting system uses an air intake that is fully adjustable, depending on how much you need to let into the tent


  • The rainfly needs to be ultra-tight to prevent moisture seepage into the tent
  • The fiberglass poles are not the best quality, so make sure to reinforce the anchoring of the tent if there are high winds

Best Budget

Coleman Pop Up Camping Tent


  • Interior Capacity: 2 and 4-Person Models Available
  • Weight: 6.41 lbs
  • Tent Poles: Pop Up, Preassembled
  • Center Height: 2 ft. 11 inches
  • Shape: Round

8.8out of 10

Ease of Use9
Tent Pole Stability8

The first camping tent I ever bought was a Coleman — and nine years later, this backpacker tent is still holding up. That’s because Coleman prioritizes quality and innovation in every square inch of their product, and this tent is no exception. 

What’s great about this tent is the mixture of polyester and taffeta as its materials. Both of these are thin, and — especially thanks to the green or blue colors available — it reflects sunlight. 

Light colors and thin fabrics are perfect during hot weather, and this model has both. 

The rainfly is also adjustable without sacrificing the ventilation and breathability of the tent. When it comes to Coleman, assembly is always simple, but it does take some patience working with a pop-up tent. However, that is a small con for such a well-constructed and breathable two-person tent. 


  • As a pop-up tent, the set up for this option is quick and convenient and minimizes extra work
  • Both fire-proof and waterproof 
  • The taped seam across the floor is perfect for rainy environments to keep you dry as you sleep
  • A weather-resistant zipper cuff adds an extra layer of protection against moisture and rainfall
  • Made of polyester and taffeta to promote a maxim state of coolness when inside, no matter how hot the outside temperature


  • The door of the tent opens from the bottom, which creates an overlap of fabric inside of the unit
  • Requires more than one person to fold quickly, due to the pop-up structure

Best Cabin-Style

Eureka Copper Canyon LX 4-Person Tent


  • Interior Capacity: 4-Person
  • Floor Dimensions: 96 x 96 inches
  • Center Height: 84 inches
  • Shape: Cabin
  • Number of Doors: 1

8.6out of 10

Ease of Use9
Tent Pole Quality8

Whether you need a car camping tent or a simple backpacking tent, Eureka specializes in making tents that provide plenty of space with great ventilation. 

What’s liked about a Eureka tent is that — although they are a bit heavy — the ventilation dynamics are stellar when camping in the heat. 

This model is a cabin tent, and, to be honest, the extra room provided by this style promotes great breathability. When you combine the extra room with the mesh windows for ventilation, the stuffy air dissipates quickly. 

The only drawback with this model is its rainfly and ability to block moisture. However, this is a common problem with tents that mesh window/ceilings. An extra tarp may be advisable if you are in an area with moderate to heavy precipitation.  


  • The vertical walls of this cabin tent provide extra room to stand or move around, and promote optimal airflow
  • As a freestanding tent, the combination fiberglass and steel frame of this option provides easy assembly for even one person
  • The mesh windows provide great ventilation and perfect opportunities for stargazing or taking in scenic views
  • The rainfly has extended coverage over the door to prevent moisture, also allowing for better ventilation to expel interior heat
  • Comes equipped with a power port to run an extension cord inside the tent — perfect if you have a battery or electric hookup to run a fan


  • Not ideal for areas with heavy rainfall
  • The poles are of moderate quality, but should be fine for areas without high winds

Best for Beach

Poray UV50+ Instant Beach Tent


  • Interior Capacity: 3-Person
  • Floor Dimensions: 79 x 53 x 51 inches
  • UV Rating: 50+
  • Peak Height: 130 cm
  • Shape: Dome
  • Weight: 3.85 lbs

8.6out of 10

Ease of Use9
UV Ray Blocking9

Summer just isn’t complete without at least one beach camping trip, and this tent by Poray is perfect as it features materials that can absorb and reflect UV rays. 

The beach is virtually treeless, and this means that sunlight beats down at an incredible rate. Having a tent that can reflect UV light is a great idea to help promote interior comfort. 

The thick alloy steel wiring of the tent is well-equipped to withstand offshore winds, and the frame design is great for a quick and easy setup. However, it can take some maneuvering when it comes to disassembly. 

If you are looking for a sturdy beach tent that works to repel the harmful rays of the sun while you enjoy the beach, this one is a great choice! 


  • Comes with an alloy steel frame, promoting incredible durability and mobility in addition to being easy to set up
  • Lies flat on the ground and can hold up to three people
  • Comes with three windows to promote superior ventilation, as well as three sandbags to add weight to the tent in windy conditions
  • The polyester coating of this tent comes with a UPF of 50+ that can block up to 99% of the sun’s rays


  • Due to the numerous dimensions and accessories of this tent, disassembly can take a while

Best Canvas Tent

Dream House Canvas Camping Pyramid Tent


  • Interior Capacity: 3-Person
  • Weight: 26.4 lbs
  • Shape: Pyramid,Teepee
  • Material: Canvas-Cotton and Mesh
  • Number of Doors: 2

7.6out of 10

Ease of Use8
Material Rating8
Tent Pole Quality7

Dream House has always constructed tents that use dark-colored mesh windows, and this is great for hot days. This tent also has two doors that provide optimal air convection when you need to catch a breeze on opposite sides. 

The cotton and mesh combination for the material construction is specially made for hot environments. And, when you add in the extra screen room, this allows even more airflow into the tent. 

Canvas tenting is not for everybody due to moisture retention, but this tent is perfect if you are camping in a dry environment. 


  • This canvas tent is made of both cotton and mesh, both materials representing exceptional breathability
  • Four vents on the top of the tent bring in cooler nighttime temperatures and allow stale interior air to dissipate
  • Features a mesh screen covering the tent door, bringing in even more air and keeping pests out
  • Waterproof PU coating wicks away water, and prevents mold and mildew build-up on the fabric


  • Tents made of canvas are not optimal for repelling moisture overall
  • The teepee design and numerous poles do not make for a quick and easy assembly

Best for Backpacking

OneTigris Tangram Ultralight Backpacking Tent


  • Interior Capacity: Fits 2, though 1-Person is Preferrable
  • Weight: 4 lbs
  • Floor Dimensions: 7.2 ft. x 3.9 ft.
  • Peak Height: 3.9 ft. x 4.2 ft. 
  • Waterproof Rating: 1500 mm

7.4out of 10

Ease of Use9
Material Rating5

The OneTigris Tangram Ultralight Backpacking Tent is tailor-made for solitary backpackers.

With this model, the nylon material may not be 100% optimal for repelling heat, but the added bug mesh of this model allows you to keep the door open while you sleep. 

Typically, smaller tents like this are breathable as long as the color is light to reflect daytime sun rays, and this tent covers that well. 

Although not as stellar as the other tents featured here, the mesh and lightness of the fabric makes for an airy interior. If you are looking for an affordable, two-person maximum tent with a ventilated door, this is a decent choice. 


  • Solitary backpackers need a lightweight tent with good ventilation and thin materials — this tent checks all those boxes
  • Comes with a light and airy bug mesh to keep pests out while you sleep, and to maintain adequate ventilation
  • Spacious enough for two campers with extra vestibules for storage
  • Comes with two mesh layers, and you can remove one to promote increased air circulation


  • The seams of the tent are not durable enough to withstand rainfall
  • Although two campers can fit into this tent, the breathability is greatly enhanced with only one camper

travel summer tent

Hot Weather Tent Buying Guide

Whether you are an avid summer camping fan, or you are simply seeking a canvas tent, these seven products represent a wide range of choices.

Any of these can withstand hot summer weather, but there are some important tips to keep in mind for warm weather camping. 

Read on to find out what dynamics need to align to make the best tent for your hot weather camping trip.  

Proper Ventilation: Keeping Your Tent Cool

No matter how skilled we are at adapting to the outdoors, we modern humans still need proper ventilation and airflow when we sleep. 

This means you’ll need to keep your tent cool in hot weather to achieve optimal rest. 

To keep a summer tent cooler, you can opt for a tent that features a mesh roof or mesh windows that allow air circulation. If you can, try and find options that feature vents that are also screened to keep pests out. 

Properly ventilated tents typically have mesh windows, but if not, a tent made of mesh fabric is paramount. This is what makes our top recommendation so great — the entire lightweight tent is made solely of mesh. 

Overall Breathability of Hot Weather Tents

In tandem with proper ventilation, the best tents for hot weather should prioritize breathability. 

The best type of tent fabric for breathability is cotton. Cotton is ulta-lightweight and works towards keeping the interior of the tent and its contents as cool as possible. Cotton tents are UV-resistant, provide stellar insulation, and promote breathability during hot or warm weather. 

This is what makes the Dream House Canvas Camping Pyramid Tent a great pick for breathability — it’s made of cotton and features a mesh ceiling.

These two features combined make for excellent comfort. 

Canvas tents in general tend to be made of cotton and feature largely in summer camping tents. These tents reflect hot air and allow you to stay cool during the day or night. 

Choosing a breathable tent for hot weather also minimizes the moisture that can build up around the ground vent. As the heat builds up during hot summer days, it crashes down and dissipates as nightfall cools the area with condensation. 

Tents made of breathable material repel ground moisture to keep you dry when sleeping. 

Material Considerations

We have discussed mesh and cotton, but depending on your camping environment, not all tent materials are created equal. 

A hot weather tent made of cotton could potentially be a nightmare in a rainy, moist environment. If you are camping in the Southeast U.S. or the tropics, avoid cotton tents since these models retain moisture that could lead to mold and mildew. 

Something like polyester reflects and repels rainfall and moisture, since it makes the rain fly off of the tent to prevent absorption. The Coleman Pop-Up Camping Tent meets these material metrics and is perfect for rainy environments. 

On the other hand, canvas tents keep the tent body cooler, but this is only optimal during the day. At night when there is no UV to reflect, the heavy material could make the tent interior non-breathable and stuffy. 

Furthermore, a material like nylon is lightweight, but it also holds heat that can seep into the tent. This is not much of a problem at night, but staying in a nylon tent during the day could be uncomfortable. In this case, airing out the tent may help some.

Tent Color

It is a common misconception that dark colors reflect heat. Dark material, such as black-out drapes seen with dark room technology reflect light, not heat. Darker colors are more in-line with cold weather camping gear when hot air is desirable. 

In order to stay cool during summer camping trips, light colors are optimal. Light green, white, orange, and yellow-colored tents work to reflect sunlight instead of absorbing rays. 

White tents for hot weather are recommended if you want to reflect the most sunlight based on tent color alone. Oranges and yellows also make for great summer tents if you cannot find white. 

Light-colored tents that also come with air circulation vents make for an overall total package when it comes to reflecting summer heat. 

With this in mind, unless you have a canvas tent, the evening hours are when most of us spend the most of our time in a tent. So, in theory, tent color is not that important if you never stay in it during the day. 

On a side note, I find that bright-colored tents are also easy to spot. There is nothing worse than returning to your campsite after dusk only to use a flashlight to find your tent. But if you don’t want your tent to stick out to bears or other predators, a darker-colored tent is the way to go.  

Seasonal Ranking

Like many, when I first started camping, I had no idea what a seasonal ranking for tents meant. I was also confused on how a four season tent wasn’t optimal for my next summer camping trip despite its inclusion of all four seasons. There are also 5-season tents for challenging expeditions. 

More often than not, decent summer tents usually come with a ranking of three. The three-season tent can also be used for hot weather, but unlike a one or two ranking, three is more durable overall. 

Tents with a ranking of one or two are designed specifically for summer, but there’s a catch — the material is very light and essentially only shields the camper as a bug or light rain guard. 

If you camp in an area with heavy rain, these tents will do you no good. 

Tents with a one or two-season ranking also tend to feature fiberglass poles instead of aluminum poles. Therefore, durability is not a priority with these rankings. 

In contrast, a four-season tent can withstand all types of weather, but the heavy insulation of this type will trap hot air. 

So, if you can, always try and opt for a three-season ranking for tents needed in hot weather. Although larger than a one or two ranking, three-season tents have more screen room and better ventilation overall, making your camping trip more pleasant. 

summer camping tent

Size Dynamics: Family Camping Accessible or Not?

During hot weather, more room is usually better — even if you are the only camper. 

A cabin or canvas tent works well as a summer option because there is room for more than one person in addition to good ventilation. These tents allow body heat to circulate around the tent, instead of building up in one area. 

The Core 6-Person Instant Lighted Cabin Tent can sleep a family of six, its polyester material and white rain fly reflecting sunlight and repelling moisture.

There are also large windows and ventilation systems that help this model stand out amongst summertime family tents.  

Pest and Rain Protection

It’s important to choose a tent with proper screening, since pests like mosquitoes are rampant during the hotter months. 

Airflow is vital in combating heat, and you’ll also want to make sure your screen room is completely covered to allow air in and keep bugs out. 

We talked a bit about rainy conditions, but if heavy rain is constant in your camping area, a tent fly could also be used for wet weather. A rain fly like this one can be added to practically any tent type and essentially works like a tarp. 

But, if you don’t want to carry around a rain fly, choosing a tent that reflects moisture is your best bet. 

Durability and Set-Up

If you are camping on foot, having light camping gear is important. A one- or two-person tent weighs the least to help you maneuver effectively during hot weather.

You will also want to make sure your summer tent features an easy set-up, but for family camping this won’t be as much of a priority — larger tents always take time to assemble. 

One or two season ranking tents tend to be the easiest to set-up, and this is attractive if you want to assemble quickly to avoid the heat of the day. 

Try and pick a tent that uses titanium or aluminum tent stakes for the best overall durability. Both of these types of stakes do well under intense sunlight and will not degrade like fiberglass. 

Our Verdict

If you are looking for a summer tent that is durable, easy to assemble, and wards off as much heat as possible, it’s hard to go wrong with the Featherstone Backpacking Tent

This option is only designed for two people at the most, but the tent’s lightweight and cool interior is perfect for hot weather. 

It’s currently found on Amazon and is available as a one-person Obsidian, two-person Granite, or two-person Peridot. 

Since the age of 10, Mark has enjoyed camping in the great outdoors. Although he loves the peace and quiet of the outdoors, he also likes his creature comforts. Mark’s mission is to make camping a fun and comfortable experience for all.