The 5 Best Tent Stakes for Camping Outdoors

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If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best tent stake is, then we recommend the SE 9NRC10 Galvanized Non-Rust Heavy Duty Tent Stakes as the best one.

A tent without quality stakes is about as useful as a table without any legs. You want your shelter to be sturdy and strong, and if you do not have the best tent stakes, you may wind up sleeping out under the stars, or the rain.

Choosing tent stakes is something that is often not considered as an important purchase, and a lot of people go for whatever comes with the tent, but if you plan on camping amongst any rough or odd terrain, you want to get stakes that will hold up no matter what.

In this article, we are taking a look at the best tent stakes that fit the bill no matter where you are camping. We are going to review the following stakes:


Things To Remember When Choosing The Best Tent Stakes

It seems like a lot of fuss to make over something as small and insignificant as a tent stake, but they are essential.

There are many things to keep in mind when deciding on the right tent stakes and we want to help make the decision more comfortable for you. Here are some important factors to keep in mind when making your purchase.

Where You Are Camping

If you are camping in your backyard, then the type of stakes you choose is not as important as someone who is backpacking halfway across the country. Not only do you not want to waste money on something that is unnecessary but you want to have the right tool for the job.

Take into account the locations where you are camping and look at the intended use on all the stakes you are considering buying. If your campsite is a long hike from where you are parking your car, then go for something lightweight.

If you are primarily camping in the backyard, but it’s typically windy where you are then going for something durable and more oppressive.

Stake Material

The stake material plays the most critical role in your decision. This factor has a lot to do with how easy or difficult your camping trip becomes.

If you go for aluminum and you find that the campsite is incredibly rocky, you will see yourself bending and breaking a lot of stakes.

Aluminum is the weakest but the lightest of all the materials.

Titanium is stronger than aluminum but also much heavier which makes this material less desirable for backpackers.

Carbon fiber is the most costly of the materials, but it is as strong and light as the two combined.

Not only is the type of material important, but the amount of it. If the stakes are only a quarter inch wide, even if they are titanium they will still break easily.

Type Of Head

This is a crucial factor to me because I think this is part of the reason why a lot of stakes bend a break.

If the stake does not have a nice sizeable head on it, then it is difficult to get it in the ground. When it’s difficult to get it in the ground, you tend to get frustrated and do things you shouldn’t.

When that happens, things get broken.

Take my advice and only buy stakes that have a nice round head on top that gives you plenty of areas to drive into the soil with a mallet. Even if the stakes are of a less durable material like aluminum, you will still be able to get them into the ground if you can hammer them in.

How To Properly Stake A Tent

Like I said before, if you do not stake the tent properly, you will break them and things just spiral from there.

Without an adequately set tent, it doesn’t matter how good the stakes are because they will still come out.

  1. Set the stake tilted 45 degrees pointed away from the tent
  2. Hammer the stake in approximately half way using a mallet
  3. Once you reach this point determine if you are hitting rock or not
  4. If the coast is clear continue until you have reached three-quarters deep
  5. If you do catch something do not stay, keep changing locations till it’s clear
  6. When removing the stakes, pull directly up and do not use anything to hit them sideways

SE 9NRC10 Galvanized Non-Rust Heavy Duty Tent Stakes

These are a relatively standard tent stake pack that comes with ten galvanized steel stakes that work for most tents and most terrains.

The prod on these stakes is milled to an excellent point, and there is also a solid head on top in case you have to hammer it into the ground.One of the main things that I liked most about these stakes is the durability of the shaft on them. I know I am not alone when I say the most aggravating thing about pitching a tent is when all the stakes keep bending when you are trying to drive them into the ground.


  • Strong and durable galvanized steel
  • Rust resistant
  • Comes with ten stakes, so you have extras
  • The milled point on end makes it easy to drive into the ground
  • Stakes are 10.5” long which allows them to remain in the ground even during high wind
  • PVC top features a hook and hole for ropes


  • The hook on the top piece is very shallow, so it does not hold onto the thicker string

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TNH Outdoors Aluminum Tri-Beam Tent Stakes

These flashy stakes are appealing, and the manufacturer makes them sound like the best thing in the world.

I will say that they are incredibly functional and the triangular shape of them allows you to break ground into any terrain easily.There is also a more unique shaped “can opener” type hook on top for rope, as well as a hole to put the cable through.

These stakes are seven inches long, so they are slightly shorter than the previous.

The main downside of these is the material. The aluminum is not nearly as durable as the galvanized steel, and they do not have any top on them so if you need to drive them with a mallet you run the risk of bending the stakes.

The main upside to these is the bright red color makes it almost impossible to lose them.


  • Bright color makes it difficult to lose the stakes
  • Highly functional design
  • Stakes provide an array of ways to secure the tent
  • The shape of stakes makes it easy to drive them into the ground
  • Excellent manufacturer reputation
  • Comes with ten stakes, so you have extras


  • These do not have a head to help drive them into the ground

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Vargo Titanium Shepherds Hook Stake

These slightly different stakes come in a pack of six and get used for a variety of purposes outside staking a tent. These are titanium tent stakes, which does mean they are a bit heavier than the previous two, but as a bonus, you get a stake that you know will not break.

These hook stakes are much thinner than the other ones which make them easier to drive into the ground, and there is a big round head on top that doesn’t even matter if it bends a little so you should have no problem getting these deep into the soil.One of the best features of these stakes is the round hook on top which is perfect for tying ropes around and makes these great for a variety of other things besides tents.

The orange coloring on the stake is great for visibility, but once it wears off, you will have a hard time finding these on the ground.


  • Made of durable titanium
  • The hook head on these is perfect for tying ropes
  • They are thin enough to drive into the soil quickly
  • Hook head is also large enough to use a mallet
  • The orange coating on top works great for visibility


  • The pack only comes with six
  • Ones of the orange wear off it will be difficult to find these on the ground

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SE 91NRC10 Glow In The Dark Metal Pegs

These metal tent stakes are intended for use in some of the roughest terrain you could encounter. They are incredibly durable and capable of being driven into any soil without breaking.

The pegs are 10.5” long so they can withstand heavy winds and rains without bending or coming out of the ground.These have a nice sharp point on the end so you can even break through rock if you have a large mallet to drive them in with.

One of the main features that separate these tent pegs from the previous is that these glow in the dark. If you have a habit of tripping over the pegs at night and you worry about that then these could be a good investment for you.

The primary issue with the glow in the dark tip is that it requires a good exposure to sunlight first before they glow, and they don’t glow that bright anyway.


  • Strong metal pegs
  • These are meant to drive into any terrain
  • Pegs do not bend
  • The pack comes with ten, so you have extras
  • Pointed end allows you to penetrate soil easily
  • Glow in the dark tip for safety in the night


  • Glow in the dark tip requires sun exposure to work at night

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All One Tech 12 Aluminum Outdoor Tent Stakes

These colorful tent stakes are more intended for backpackers because they are not as durable as the previous four, but they do have a place in this article for a variety of reasons.

The stakes have a triangular shape which allows them to easily penetrate any soil while also holding firmly in the ground.They are only seven inches long instead of the preferred ten so they may come out during excessive rain or wind but if you drive them in correctly, you won’t have to worry.

Since these stakes are ultra-light aluminum, it makes them great for backpacking because they add very little weight to the pack.

The primary downside to these is they bend and break because they are light and more fragile than the previous four.


  • Lightweight and great for backpackers
  • Triangular shape makes them easy to drive into the ground
  • Long enough to hold your place in the soil
  • The pack comes with twelve stakes instead of ten


  • Stakes are fragile and break easily

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Tent stakes, probably a topic you never thought you could read an entire article about. Now that you know everything there is to know about them we decided to tell you which one of the products is our favorite and why.

The winner of the roundup is the SE 9NRC10 Galvanized Non-Rust Heavy Duty Tent Stakes.

These combine everything you need in a proper stake in one product. Durability, functionality, appearance, and flexibility.

Not only are they made of durable galvanized steel, but they are also rust-resistant, and come with a variety of features that make them easy to string up.

Since the age of 10, Mark has enjoyed camping in the great outdoors. Although he loves the peace and quiet of the outdoors, he also likes his creature comforts. Mark’s mission is to make camping a fun and comfortable experience for all.